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A secret note

Howie had pretty much spent the rest of the day (since the announcement about Prom) thinking about how he could do it.

What could he say, how could he convince her to go with him?

He could play the friend angle, "hey wanna go together as friends?" but then she could think he thought she couldn't get a date. And he knew she so easily could, which is why he felt pressure. Sure, most guys probably hadn't even thought about who they were going to ask yet.

But he couldn't take that chance.

Inspiration struck during study hall. He had the French teacher, and it reminded him of Shannon. As soon as the final bell rung, he sped down to the library, and after half an hour, he had what he needed.

Another twenty minutes, and he was ready. He thought she was most likely still here, somewhere. So he knew he'd have to be careful.

Le temps que nous avons à notre disposition chaque jour est élastique; les passions que nous estimons dilater, de ceux qui nous inspirent rétrécir et habitude remplit.

((The time at our disposal each day is elastic; the passions we feel dilate it, those that inspire us shrink it, and habit fills it.))

As soon as the note was in her locker, he took off, not looking back.

And So They Meet Again

Sunny was glad that school was done for the day. She had to admit that being a good student was hard, and that it would take some getting used to, but going to school was certainly preferable to going home to her father and his wall of silence. Or going home to an empty house, which she knew she'd be going to if she went home now -- her dad was definitely still in Stanford at his stupid bookstore. She sighed. She shut her locker and walked down the hall, resigned to another afternoon of solitary homework and loneliness.

And then -- there he was. Logan. He had said that they were friends, hadn't he? And hanging out with him was definitely preferable than any of the alternatives. She hurried to catch up with him, hoping she didn't look foolish.

"Hey! Logan!"
Eating Salad

Mmm... Salad...

Stacey glanced up from the school announcement she was reading on her phone, and saw Claudia leaving the cafeteria line. Catching her eye, she waved her over, and placed her phone on her lunch tray next to her salad.

"Hey Claud! Did you see the announcement Mr Goodrich just put up?" she asked, picking up a cherry tomato and popping it in her mouth.

Announcements 30/4/12

Hey guys!

Hope you've all been having a great time with the English assignment, I've been getting some great feedback on it.

Today's annoucement will mainly focus on the upcoming Junior Prom, as well as the pre Senior trip.

It's been decided that the theme for the Junior Prom will be "Love through the ages." The event will be held in the school Gym on June 1st, and will be a school run event (which means no illegal substances guys!)

Nominations for Junior Prom King and Queen will start in a couple of weeks, but get your thinking caps on!

Pre-Senior Trip
So, the powers that be took in your suggestions for a location for the trip, and based on how much money was donated for the trip, have decided you will be heading to Australia! Flights and accommodation will be paid for, but you will need money for and spending. Luckily you have most of the Summer to save! So start getting your passports ready (if you don't already have one), and make sure to pack your sunblock mates! If anyone needs any assistance with forms, please come and see me.

That's it guys, have a great week!

Mr Goodrich